Privacy, Internet vs. Mobile Apps – 2017

Websites are still a safer bet?

We see a huge resurgence of websites just when we thought the growth websites slowing down and giving way to mobile apps. The Mobile app space is very crowded and convoluted. You are not the only that often downloads apps just to turn around and remove them. If you have any data and security product installed such as Lookout or just the build it android warnings you will get many warnings showing you everything you are agreeing to for the mobile app to have access.

A recent IDG Research Services survey of 100 global IT leaders provided insights into these risks. Key findings of the report include: 82% report that the majority of their corporate data is accessible via mobile devices, 74% report that their organizations have experienced a data breach as a result of a mobile security issue, 90% are making it a priority to increase their investments in mobile security.

As desktop protection becomes better, websites will continue to become the central repository for accessing data.

mobile securitySource visit link for full report

What types of data can apps access?

When you sign up with an app store or download apps, you may be asked for permission to let them access information on your device. Apps may be able to access:

  • your phone and email contacts
  • call logs
  • internet data
  • calendar data
  • data about the device’s location
  • the device’s unique IDs
  • information about how you use the app itself

For additional information visit Federal Trade Commission site.

Your personal info is everywhere

All the following are paid sites and they all pull from common repositories and have scary amount of information; See the following link for people search companies . This includes Instant Checkmate, SpyFly,BeenVerified, and more.

What is Zettabyte?

In 2017 there be 3.6 Billion internet users according to, see full article . This will represent 48% of the total world population and increase internet traffic 1.4 zettabytes.

It’s not too late?

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